(Issue update, MARCH 2015)

a) Any member who contravenes the Constitution or Standing Orders, in respect of subscriptions or safety, may be subject to disciplinary proceedings, and which proceedings, may result in their membership being withdrawn. (2000).

a) All subscriptions that are due to Mossley Hill athletic Club, Archery Section, shall be paid to the section Book Keeper on or before 31st March each year. Only by prior consent of the section committee may any other method of payment be made. The Section operates a strict ‘no pay-no play’ policy. (See Constitution Rule 1c. (1997)
b) All affiliation fees that are due to Archery GB shall be paid to the Section Book Keeper, and are due with the annual subscriptions on the 31 March each year, although Archery GBs financial year runs from September to August. Those members who affiliate direct to Archery GB must present valid proof that the fees have been paid, prior to being to shoot on the range. (See Constitution rule 1d.) (2015)

a) Keys to the storage container will only be issued after the committee’s approval and in accordance with the guidelines as sanctioned by the Executive Committee. (2006)
b) Members wishing to hold keys must display responsibility for range safety and shoot organisation. They will have had at least one (1 ) full years membership and will have field captained two (2) club shoots, to the satisfaction of the committee. (2002)
c) Keys are only ‘loaned’ to members and are not their property. Members leaving the Section must return their key to the Section Secretary. (2015)
d) Lost keys must be reported to the Section Secretary, as soon as the loss is discovered. (2015)
e) On practice days, those attending first and have set up to shoot, will appoint a field captain to take control of shooting. (1999)
f) The appointed field captain will control the layout of the field, the ‘ends’ and movement between shooting line and targets, should others arrive to shoot. (1999)
g) All lost arrows must found or their approximate location displayed on the storeroom notice board.
h) Under no circumstances should anybody, other than the driver, ride on the tractor unit or trailer.
i) Arrows should not be nocked on or behind the shooting line, whilst there are people in front of the bow.

a) Archers shooting a round will take precedence over practicing archers. (1991)
b) You should not be in front of the shooting line whilst other archers are shooting.
c) Do not interrupt the duties of those officiating.
d) Ensure that all mobile electronic devices are turned off or are in silent mode. (1990)
e) Match days are not practice days, you should come prepared to shoot. Any adjustments or fine tuning should not disrupt others during a match.
f) The section has a dress code, which has a degree of flexibility, subject to it being a practice or match day. Match days require either, traditional whites and greens, or club maroon, black and gold. A full definition is on display and in the Section handbook. Noncompliance on a match day may result in a disqualification. (2015)
g) Do not leave the field of shooting whilst there is equipment that requires removal and storage. Do not leave setting up and clearing to others.

a) Visitors, other than those defined in section 2 of the Constitution, may be permitted to shoot on the range, subject to payment of a visitor fee (£6 as of 2000), for each visit and providing they present proof that they are a bono fide member of Archery GB. Visitors will be required to have the equivalent handicap relating to a 3rd class classification. A maximum of six (6) visits in one season will be permitted. (1994)
b) Beginners will be allowed to shoot on the range only if they have enrolled upon an officially sanctioned beginner’s course. (2000)
c) No member shall instruct a beginner other than at an officially sanctioned beginner’s course, or where permission is granted by two (2) committee members. Contravention of this order may result in disciplinary action being taken. (2000)

a) Section equipment may be used by novice beginners for a period of four (4) calendar weeks, following completion of the Sections beginner’s course. (2015)
b) Damaged equipment must be reported to a section committee member. (1997)
c) The tractor unit and trailer must not be overloaded. As a guideline it should be restricted to hauling, no more than, three (3) bosses and the ancillary equipment required. (1998)
d) The ‘Jerry’, petrol can, must not left empty at the end of a day’s shooting, without notification or action being taken to have it refilled.
e) In order to save wear on the bosses, small World Archery faces should be offset from the centre. (1998)

a) Practice is permitted on the range, prior to a competition, providing, shooting ceases thirty (30) minutes before the appointed start time. (1998)
b) Competition will start at the appointed time. (1990)
c) Competitors are required to wear regulation dress. (1990)
d) STRAIGHT SHOOTS: donated trophies will be awarded in accordance with the specific bow type for which the trophy was originally donated. Medals will be awarded for 1st places for other bow types where two or more of the same types are shooting. At present all trophies are for senior competitors. Junior competitors can be accommodated within the shoot, subject to prior organisation.
e) HANDICAP SHOOTS: subject to archers attaining a 3rd class classification, or above, all members, senior and junior, will be eligible to win a donated trophy, providing they have a handicap for the bow type being used. (2006) Medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
f) CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS: each archer will be eligible for a specific bow type championship, notwithstanding the number of competitors shooting in that bow type, on that day. (2006)
g) JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS: prior to the event, the Section committee will decide the format for the junior championship. (1996)