Mossley Hill Archery Club is situated in a leafy suburb of South Liverpool and is a section of Mossley Hill Athletic Club.

The club was formerly known as Liverpool Archery Club and can trace its roots back almost 100 years.



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History of the club

The archery section has been at Mossley Hill since the late 1950s. It came as a fully-fledged and viable club, but without a home, and this was provided by Mossley Hill.

The section was previously the Liverpool Archery Club, which was founded in 1949. It has had a number of venues, with the original grounds being at Hunters Lane, Wavertree. When it was accommodated at Mossley Hill it had its own constitution and committee, along with its own badge which sported the Liverbird and Lancashire rose. The section was fully amalgamated into Mossley Hill in 1974, although the bulk of its trophies are those originally donated and shot for in the L.A.C. name.

The section has, since its inception, been able to boast some of the country’s finest and most proficient archers, and has had a number of national, regional and county champions. It is one of the few clubs to be able say it has had two captains of the ancient Scorton Arrow, England’s oldest and most continually competed for trophy. These captains were Bill Wales and Ron Shiel. The section has had English representation in Barry Marsden, as a member of the field squad shooting compound and John Woollam has been an all England field champion in recurve bare-bow. We have also produced a number of Northern Counties field champions in a variety of bow disciplines. Over the years there have had archers who have attained their Lancashire county team badges and bars, for continuing team membership.
The section has a pride in being a club that shoots all types of bows and disciplines from target to field, clout, roving marks, Olympic recurve and bare-bow, compound and long-bow.

We have one of the country’s finest long-bow makers in Rod Lyons, a number of national records are held by archers using his bows.

There is a blossoming junior section, and it has had some fine junior archers of the years, with particular mention going to Jim Flemming, and Nick Brace, who in their time gave others in the sport a run for their money and who held many championships to their name. The section is an integral part of the main club and has provided ongoing service to Mossley Hill by membership of its various committees, and this aspect of the wider membership is always available to members of the section.