Issue update, MARCH 2015.

This section shall be known as the ‘Mossley Hill Athletic Club, Archery Section’.
This section shall consist of a committee of not less than four (4), or more than eight (8) in number, in addition to the ordinary members, both senior and junior.
The object of the section is to provide facilities for the practice of archery, arrange for instruction in archery, and the furtherance of interest in archery.


a) Acceptance of new members will be in accordance with the current rules of the Mossley Hill Athletic Club.
b) All members, senior and junior, shall pay the required subscriptions, as determined by the Mossley Hill Athletic Club management committee.
c) Under no circumstances is a member allowed to shoot on the Mossley Hill Athletic Club range, unless and until, their subscriptions, as outlined in 1b, are paid.
d) All shooting members should be affiliated members of Archery GB. (Addend 1978)
e) The lower age limit for juniors is twelve (12) years. In order to comply with the Child Protection Act, children up to the age of sixteen (16), must have a parent or guardian, in attendance, who supervises the child/ren at all times whilst on the range, or the Clubs environs. Juniors must transfer to a senior member the season following their eighteenth (18) birthday. (Amend 2015)
f) A junior may be accepted as a member at a lower age, provided a parent or guardian is also a member, and that the parent or guardian is in attendance and supervises their child/ren at all times, whilst they are on the range, or the clubs environs. (Amend 2015)

a) At all times, members are to conform with the current Archery GB Rules of Shooting, or World Archery, Rules of Shooting, unless a section Standing Order specifies a variation in the application of those rules.(Amend 2015)
b) Non-members are not permitted to shoot on the Mossley Hill Athletic Club range (see rule 1c) with the exception of bona-fide member(s) of archery clubs visiting for the purpose of inter club matches, competitions, club shoots ,etc. (see rules 7c & 7d )
c) No junior or beginner is allowed to shoot, unless an experienced senior member is present on the range. (See rules 1d, 1e, & 1f)
d) All members are expected, within their physical capabilities, to assist in the necessary care of the grounds and with the setting up and returning to store of all equipment provided by the section.
e) Members may practice archery, providing no Management Committee limitation, to the contrary, is in force.

a) No section activity must contravene the current Mossley Hill Athletic Club rules.
b) An Annual General meeting shall be held before the start of each season, (see rules 4a-g)
c) The management of the section shall be in the hands of the archery committee, (see rules 5a-k)

a) An Annual General meeting must be held within fifteen months of the previous annual general meeting.
b) No decision made at an Annual General Meeting can be rescinded, except at another AGM or Extraordinary General Meeting
c) To convene an Extraordinary General Meeting the secretary of the section shall have received not less than four (4) written requests stating the reasons for wishing to call the Extraordinary General Meeting.
d) The attendance of one third of the total membership (including the committee) shall constitute a quorum at General Meetings of the Section.
e) Should a quorum not be present within thirty (30) minutes of the stated time for the meeting, those present will be dismissed and the meeting abandoned. All other aspects of general meetings shall be in accordance with the accepted ‘rules of committee’.

a) The committee will be elected at each annual General meeting to serve until the next annual General meeting.
b) A member can serve on the committee for more than one consecutive term of office.
c) The officers will be determined by election at the Annual general meeting (Amend 1978)
d) A quorum for the committee meetings will be one half of the total committee. Should the committee consist of an odd number of members, the nearest whole number above one half the members is the quorum, (e.g. a committee of 5 members requires 3 members for a quorum).
e) Should a quorum not be present within thirty (30) minutes of the stated time for the meeting, those present will be dismissed and the meeting abandoned.
f) The committee will meet as and when required (Amend 1983)
g) Each committee member present, will have the right to vote. The chairman has a casting vote in the event of a tie in voting.
h) The committee has the right, at a constitutionally conducted meeting, to elect any member to the committee to fill a vacancy on the committee. Members thus elected shall not have full voting rights.
i) The committee has the right, at a constitutionally conducted meeting, to appoint a co-opted member to the committee for special duties. Co-opted members shall not have the right to vote at committee.

b) Standing Orders can be added, deleted or amended at any constitutionally conducted meeting.
c) No Standing Order shall contravene the current Mossley Hill athletic Club rules or the sections rules contained herein.
d) All current Standing Orders are to be displayed on the section premises. a) A set of Standing Orders shall exist, governing the day to day running of the Section.

a) Any person can present a prize to the section and regulate the terms on which it shall be awarded, subject to the approval of the committee.
b) No archer shall be awarded more than one trophy at any competition of the section, other than specific distance awards, i.e. best golds. (Amend 2015)
c) Visitors and spectators are allowed, at the discretion of the committee members available (or archers in charge of shooting) at the time in question, having due regard to the current Mossley Hill Athletic Club rules.
d) ) Visitors and spectators are allowed, on the understanding that they abide by such conditions as the committee members available ( or archers in charge of shooting ) consider necessary, bearing in mind the safety demands of archery, (see rule 2a )
e) The archery section secretary, for the time being, shall have charge of, and legal possession of, all property of the section. No section property shall be removed from the care of the section secretary without permission of the section committee. Section property lodged at the ground shall be deemed to be in the charge of the secretary for the purpose of this rule.

  MARCH 2015.
(Amendment to junior membership 1f, and change to governing body names. Amendment to rule 7b)