Clout Archery

Clout is a form of archery in which archers shoot arrows at a flag (known as the 'Clout') from a relatively long distance and score points depending on how close each arrow lands to the flag.

Scoring zones are defined by maximum radii from the flag pole. Each arrow scores points depending on which scoring zone it enters the ground in. An arrow embedded in the flag pole is counted as being in the highest scoring zone. If an arrow is lying on the ground, it is considered to be in the scoring zone in which it's point lies.


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A single clout round consists of three dozen arrows, shot in ends of 6 arrows. Tournaments typically consist of a double clout round, in which a total of six dozen arrows is shot.

The scoring zones may be marked on the ground. Where this is not practical, a non-stretch rope or chain marked with the radii of the scoring zones is attached to the flag pole and swept around it to determine which arrows are in which zones.

A designated person collects the arrows in each zone, sorts them into sets, and lays them on the ground. Each archer in turn points to his or her arrows and calls out the scores in descending order.

GNAS Clout

Flags are set at specified distances for combinations of age and gender. The archer's bow type does not affect the distance the archer shoots.

Each flag consists of a 12" square piece of coloured fabric on a short softwood pole, the flag to be as close to the ground as is practical.

Shooting may be "one way" or "two way":

one way shooting: a single shooting line and a single set of flags are set up at opposite ends of the range. The archers shoot from the shooting line towards the flags, walk to the flags without their bows to score and collect their arrows, then walk back to the shooting line to continue shooting in the same direction.

two-way shooting: two shooting lines and two sets of flags are set up. One shooting line and one set of flags is placed at one end of the range; the other shooting line and other set of flags is placed at the other end. The archers shoot from one shooting line towards one set of flags, walk to the flags with their bows to score and collect their arrows, then turn around and shoot towards the other set of flags.

FITA Clout

Flags are set at specified distances for combinations of gender and bow type.

The FITA rules do not define any separate distances for juniors or for longbows, though tournament organisers will often introduce such additional distances.

Each flag consists of a piece of coloured fabric not exceeding 80 cm high and 30 cm wide on a softwood pole, the flag to be no more than 50 cm from the ground.

Shooting may only be "one way".

GNAS have now introduced junior distances for national record purposes, and there are standard distances for longbow and bare bows to shoot.








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